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Okay. I think it's safe to say watching the modern, pre-Mysteries Inc Scooby Doo movies while writing tons of X-Men Evolution fanfic (which means having several tabs open to the appropriate wiki and trying to fight Chrome's desire to crash all the time while browsing Wikia) does strange things to my brain.

I found myself staring at Thorn (Sally McKnight), because the idea that she looks exactly like Evo!Wanda Maximoff would not leave me alone. Along the way, Dusk (the middle one with the X-shaped necklace (because the writers and designers are deliberately encouraging my insanity, obviously)) began to look a lot like Kitty Pryde in a blonde wig with pigtails. Trying to match a character to Luna (the redhead on the left) was much harder, but eventually I decided she looked enough like X-23 in a red wig and having gone to smiling school that my madness was satisfied, for a time.

Not so long that I haven't managed to invent a plot arc for my When Distracted by Kittens and Rubies fanfic series. Because I've totally done that. It wasn't even that hard: obviously, Wanda, Kitty, and X-23 (who is in fact an expert in stealth and infiltration and disguises and all those other related things you want to teach your underage brainwashed Hydra murder-person) need to go undercover as a band for ... for ... MUTANT SUPERHERO CRIMEFIGHTING reasons THAT I WILL FIGURE OUT THE DETAILS OF LATER. Much hilarity and surprise musical talent and even more surprising international stardom ensue.

Does it count as a midlife crisis if you wait till your early 30s to come up with your first I'm-totally-serious-about-this band AU?

This would be more of a fusion since I'd be abandoning the Hex Girls' canon personalities and backgrounds in lieu of the X-Men's. Logan and Ororo would tag along as (disturbingly effective and into it) manager and music instructor, and also because I love putting them in awkward and bizarre situations together when I ship them. But I'm totally including this in the Kittens and Rubies timeline, with the initial undercover op happening some significant time before they become actual rock stars and meet Mysteries, Inc.

Also, I decided Scooby is either a mutant dog or a HYDRA experiment, hence the talking and human-level intelligence. Either way, my brain is led in surprisingly angsty directions.

Seriously, send help.

PS.: I made this image macro comparing the Hex Girls to Wanda, Kitty, and X-23 because the voices in my head my plot bunny demanded it.


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