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I've been talking to [personal profile] ilyena_sylph for a while today, and while we were speaking I had a brainwave I wanted to preserve here.

When the whole Justice League is running out to go do good in the last scene in the Justice League Unlimited series finale, they’re all grouped up into, shall we say, super friend groups.

Except Question is one of the first ones out and he’s running alone. There are people in front of him and behind him but not next to him.

Because Helena isn’t a member of the League anymore and that’s her spot.

(I am a dork.)

I actually noticed this while we were talking about how we miss JLU Bruce and Clark. I was inspired to go look up the finale scene and watch it again. So, I'm glad [personal profile] ilyena_sylph let me babble long enough that I saw it. Behold:

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Another great episode tonight, though it had a few more weak spots than last week's--in particular an interesting but unfortunately not-as-compelling-as-she-should-be villain.

I enjoyed doing the liveblog enough last week on Wednesday with my Hulu that I thought I'd try it again tonight live; that was a bit of a mistake. It was much harder to pay attention to what was going on when I couldn't pause the show to write, and since I wanted to pay attention to what I was watching I didn't write as much.

So in future I'm gonna stick to liveblogging on Wednesday nights, which means I won't be able to watch on Tuesdays. Which means avoiding Flash-oriented Twitter for a day, but that's beside the point.

Tonight I'm doing something a little different. The usual corrections for grammar and syntax won't be noted, but anything in bold I'm putting in after the fact to expand/clarify a point. Otherwise, I think some of my observations might be misconstrued.

Standard Disclaimer: All the Spoilers, All the Time

Okay, here we go. Pre-ep recap running now...


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