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Okay, so, apology and status update first. I am, in fact, not dead. It's been almost 4 months since I last posted, which reflects both how crazy things have been here and how poorly I manage my free time. I still owe some meme responses and other such things and I've made people wait way too long for that. Again, very sorry. I will do better. :)

As to the Flash Liveblog, it should be fairly obvious by this point that it got away from me. I tried my best, but I just couldn't keep up with it under the constraints I had. The entire experience, though, made me have even greater respect for the people who do this kind of stuff weekly for multiple shows--especially the people that prepare for podcasts, which I can only imagine takes some sort of superhuman effort I cannot begin to conceive. Turns out, this stuff is really hard. I have 3 or 4 episodes worth of notes I made that never got converted in to posts. Turns out, it's incredibly hard to watch the show and make notes about it that I can turn into a blog post at the same time. At least, if I actually want to watch the show and let myself get immersed enough in it to enjoy it.

So to do a good job with the liveblog, I needed to watch it on my Roku, so I could pause it and make notes. That meant Wednesday night, at least 90 minutes to get through an episode, then an hour to turn the notes into something presentable, probably on Thursday. I was able to do this at first, but my schedule quickly changed enough to make it impracticable. I was lucky to catch it live on Tuesday, and usually ended up watching it Wednesday and only having an hour or so, which meant no note-taking. Unfortunately, it quickly became a chore that didn't fit in my schedule.

Things are a little less hectic now, so I'm hoping to get the remaining notes I had already prepared turned in to entries and posted at some point, and will probably eventually go back and do liveblogs for the shows I don't have any notes for at some point. It won't be the same thing as doing it live, having never seen the episode, but I haven't rewatched the first season yet, so there should be plenty of "I forgot about that!" factor instead.

So, yes, if anyone anywhere was actually reading those posts and looking forward to new ones coming out, again, my apologies. In future I will do a better job of not committing to a post schedule unless I'm sure I can keep up with it.

Have a great day.
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This was a fantastic episode, in the top 3 so far, without question. Combined with the following episode, "Fallout," it is easily the best story of the season, and answers so many questions while leaving us with so many more. One of the things I keep loving about this show is how it actually reveals the answers to the mysteries it sets up, but keeps on adding new mysteries in a natural way to keep the questions and thrill of watching going. You never know exactly what you're gonna see, and you can't miss an episode for fear of missing some vital clue or new twist.

The arc-work on this show is truly outstanding, and some of the best I've seen in a long time.

I'd like to say I held off on posting this because I wanted to post it and "Fallout" at the same time, but the truth is last week was just a bit too crazy. I apologize to my hypothetical readers.

It should also be obvious by now that I'm not trying to do comprehensive episode reviews or meta, though there are nuggets of my theories and such buried in these posts. These are purely stream of consciousness things I do as I watch each ep for the first time. There are a lot of other people doing some excellent in depth reviews of this show on YouTube and elsewhere. I might post a listing of some of my favorites soon.

I liked the way it turned out last time, so the usual corrections for grammar and syntax won't be noted, but anything in bold, I'm putting in after the fact to expand/clarify a point. Otherwise, I think some of my observations might be misconstrued.

Standard Disclaimer: All the Spoilers, All the Time

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Another great episode tonight, though it had a few more weak spots than last week's--in particular an interesting but unfortunately not-as-compelling-as-she-should-be villain.

I enjoyed doing the liveblog enough last week on Wednesday with my Hulu that I thought I'd try it again tonight live; that was a bit of a mistake. It was much harder to pay attention to what was going on when I couldn't pause the show to write, and since I wanted to pay attention to what I was watching I didn't write as much.

So in future I'm gonna stick to liveblogging on Wednesday nights, which means I won't be able to watch on Tuesdays. Which means avoiding Flash-oriented Twitter for a day, but that's beside the point.

Tonight I'm doing something a little different. The usual corrections for grammar and syntax won't be noted, but anything in bold I'm putting in after the fact to expand/clarify a point. Otherwise, I think some of my observations might be misconstrued.

Standard Disclaimer: All the Spoilers, All the Time

Okay, here we go. Pre-ep recap running now...
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Magnificent episode. This is the most fun I've had watching tv in years. I watched it on Hulu last night. Without further ado, my thoughts as I watched, brought to you by the pause function and my overworked thumbs.

Also: all the spoilers, all the time.

EDIT 1 (Fri., Jan. 30, 2015):
 Added tags and corrected spelling/grammar.

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