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 When did Usagi/ChibiUsa romance fic become a thing? Can we make it stop?

Because I've run into a scary amount of them on FFN, and they're just floating there for anyone to see—

Seriously, fandom: I'm not one to denigrate pairings other people like, but incestuous pedophile Sailor Moon is just beyond the—

Okay. I am failing and flailing at the talking. So in sum:

What the Hell, Fandom? No. Just, no. 
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EDIT 1: Fixed community link and actually inserted the link to the trailer since I was apparently too excited to remember to do it the first time.

A member of the Sailor Moon community here ([community profile] sailormoon) just posted a link to/embed of the official trailer for the Black Moon arc (Chibiusa's debut in Sailor Moon R). It looks amazing. And beautiful. Everyone, their dog, and their pet rock is just gorgeous in this show.

Video is here: http://sailormoon.dreamwidth.org/41114.html

I can't understand Japanese and there's no subtitles, so I couldn't get that much out of it substance-wise, but just looking at it I'm super excited. I love Chibiusa's character design and VA, and I love how it just gets right to the point that serious things are happening.

Also, Sailor Pluto was there.

I love that this whole series exists. I haven't had so much fun being a Sailor Moon fan in 10 years, and I'm not even watching it yet. (Because I can't decide if I should re-watch all the re-dubbed uncensored classic anime first. Because it exists. Because it is an awesome time to be in the Sailor Moon fandom.)

In Sum: Squee.

Go watch the trailer.

(Because it's so pretty.)


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